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iCP 2.1 Release



We are happy to announce the release of iCP 2.1. This version has mainly focused on ensuring the compatibility with Comsol 6.0 and upgrading the software to Java 11.

You can download iCP 2.1 here and you can request a license by filling in the license form .

This version also incorporates the following changes:

  • The iCP Module has been fixed to be compatible with Comsol 5.6 and later versions.
  • Temporal files saved during iCP runs may result in large unused files stored in disk if the simulation fails. These temporal files are not stored anymore.
  • Improve numerical manager capabilities through the ignorePhreeqcErrorAndUsePreviousValue option.
  • Upgrade Phreeqc to v3.7.3
  • Fix error with diffusion terms when using Transport of Diluted Species.
  • Enable restart when the time step is zero.