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New ThermoChimie database version is on-line



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    Elisenda Colas

Since 2000, Amphos 21 has been deeply involved in the development and maintenance of ThermoChimie, the database managed by Andra (France), RWM (UK) and Ondraf/Niras (Belgium).

Since the beginning of this month, a new database version (10d) is available on-line ( This new version includes:

  • Thermodynamic data for two new elements, beryllium and copper, of interest in radioactive waste disposal.
  • Some updates for palladium, nickel and trivalent lanthanides and actinides.
  • A non-extensive update for some organic species.

The new database version can be consulted and downloaded in different formats compatible with the geochemical codes PhreeqC, Geochemist’s Workbench, Spana, Chess, Crunch and Toughreact.

Further updates for iron and radionuclides are expected to be published early next year. If you are interested in the new releases, please stay tuned to the website or contact for additional information.