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RadioUnits Converter



How often have you needed to convert mass to activity units or vice versa? This is something that we constantly need to do at Amphos 21 in:

  • Dose calculations: When converting radionuclide concentration in the environment (soil, groundwater, air…) to activity.
  • Radionuclide inventory: activity units are commonly used to express radionuclide concentration and they should be converted to mass units to perform geochemical and transport modelling.
  • Geochemical modelling: this type of calculations is mainly performed in molality but concentration limits in groundwater could be given in mg/L.
  • Bibliographic search: Activity concentration in old publications is given in Curies but currently, the international unit for activity is Becquerel.
  • Experimental work: In the lab, conversion from mass to activity, and vice versa, is needed day to day. There are several units (Becquerel, mol, gram…) used to express the amount of a radionuclide in any media (soil, waste, solid or liquid matrix, groundwater, air, etc.) and the conversion from one unit to another is not always direct.

The Experiment we propose in this post is a fast and easy-to-use tool to help on this type of calculations. Amphos 21 presents here a RadioUnits Converter that allows the user to perform instant conversion between the following units: mol, g, Bq, Ci.