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ThermoChimie database version 11a released!



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    Elisenda Colas

Since 2000, Amphos 21 has been deeply involved in the development and maintenance of ThermoChimie, the database managed by Andra (France), Nuclear Waste Services (UK) and Ondraf/Niras (Belgium).

The ThermoChimie database is under constant revision and development. After its public release in 2014 and further updates in 2015, 2018 and 2021, a new database version (11a) is now available on-line .

ThermoChimie version 11 contains significant updates on U, Np, Pu, Am/Cm, and Tc following the NEA-TDB update (Grenthe et al. 2020) and beyond. In addition, an exhaustive and accurate review of Fe thermodynamic properties has been carried out, using the NEA-TDB reviews (Lemire et al. 2013, 2020) and additional literature publications. Furthermore, PFlotran extraction has been newly added to the list of geochemical compatible codes.

A new XCheck tool to consult, filter, retrieve and export the information available in the latest database version is also now available for the user’s at

Please stay tuned to the website or contact for additional information.