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Welcome to TechLabs



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    Jorge Molinero

Welcome to TechLabs website, a new place designed to share Amphos 21 innovations, technological developments, proof of concepts, new ideas… and much more!

You probably know that in Amphos 21 we enjoy our job helping clients around the world with difficult geoscientific challenges related to nuclear waste management, mine water and environment, oil and gas reservoirs and water resources management. To do so, we use many different tools, either conceptual, experimental, and mathematical. In short, we always do whatever is needed to deliver the best solution, and therefore we are constantly innovating and testing new ideas and emerging technologies.

If you are here, perhaps you already know about the iMaGe platform (interfacing Multiphysics and Geochemistry), that was an Amphos 21 initiative to promote the communication among different geoscientific modelling tools readily available. Just in case, I would like to recall that the primary goal of iMaGe was to achieve the best performance for modelling complex coupled phenomena in the subsurface environment, while avoiding code writing from scratch. Well, Techlabs can be seen as an evolution of iMaGe, where you will find updated information about our tools and solutions, but also our “experiments”: fresh and interactive proof-of-concepts that we want to share with everybody. We believe that cooperative creativity is always the best way to move forward, and therefore we want to share our promising ideas since the very beginning, hoping to get as much feedback as possible.

Blogging with TechLabs

Have you done an exciting model of fractured rock hydrogeology? Are you fighting with convergence in a complex geochemical or reactive transport challenge? Do you have surprising experimental results for any thermo-hydro-mechanical-geochemical phenomena? Then, you are welcome to the TechLabs blog.

Unfortunately, we do not have time to read all the interesting papers and reports produced in our scientific and technical community. Then, this blog wants to be a platform to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge related with modeling (conceptually or mathematically) any Multiphysics, Geochemical, or Environmental challenge in the geosphere and biosphere. A place where you could market your last paper or report, where anybody can get the key aspects of your modelling work in less than 10 minutes, as we usually do in conferences and workshops.

The blog is open to anybody, either if you are from Amphos21 or not. If you are interested in blogging, just write to and explain us about your topic. We will send you detailed instructions.

We plan to have new posts, experiments, and other announcements regularly, so visit us often to see what’s new on TechLabs, and do not hesitate to contact us for anything you may like to propose, because we are always looking for new geoscientific and environmental challenges.