Apps customized to your needs

Comsol apps take advantage of all the powerful modelling capabilities of Comsol without the requirement of being an advanced modeller.

As Comsol certified consultants, we offer all the modelling expertise for the development of a customized application tailored to your organization needs.


Incredible app on your side

Customized 3D PDE-based apps

Intuitive and robust graphical user interface (GUI) with flexible settings:

  • Modify your geometry
  • Automatic accurate remeshing
  • Change the boundary conditions
  • Set different material properties
  • 3D powerful viewer
  • Customized plots and results

Boost your productivity

Increase your productivity by accelerating the design and operation using Comsol Apps.

Extend the use of numerical models to the whole company. The Comsol apps have a user-friendly interface that make numerical models accessible for non-expert users.

Use as many app instances as you need. These standalone applications do not require any type of license to be executed..


Standing on the shoulders of giants

Comsol Multiphysics® is powerful Finite Element software for the modelling and simulation of all kind of PDE-ADE physic systems in a coupled way.

Furthermore, external codes can also incorporated in the app.

Our Solution

Our team offers its expertise in all the stages of the development

Success Stories

We have experience developing apps for different users and markets, take a look at different examples.

Watch the video and get your idea of how a Comsol App may fit to your needs.

Check our Comsol application presented in scientific congress:

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