Experimental Solutions

Amphos 21 provides industrial and research organizations with field and laboratory-based solutions to their concerns regarding environmental safety. We are an ideal travel mate to ensure not only a focused and tailored research, but also the transfer and application of the results to their activity.

We have a long track of projects developed as part of technical excellence platforms, multi-partner consortia, bilateral agreements, and individual developments.

From the Lab to the Field, and viceversa

Chemistry in solution

  • Aqueous speciation of radionuclides and toxic elements and compounds
  • The mobility of radionuclides and toxic elements and compounds in the environment

Physicochemical characterization of materials

  • Clays: Bentonite, Boom Clay…
  • Cementitious materials: Hardened cement pastes and hydrated cement phases
  • Radiowaste and NORM materials

Scaling Up

Scaling from laboratory experiments to industrial application for:

  • Water remediation
  • Soil remediation

Hydrogeological characterization

  • Infiltration tests
  • Pumping tests
  • Water and soil remediation
  • Environmental impact assessment

Site characterization

Site characterization for:

  • Radiological risk assessment
  • Water and soil contamination

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