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iGP is the interface between GiD and PFLOTRAN and is developed by Amphos 21. iGP provides a powerful and user-friendly pre and post-processing environment to PFLOTRAN. In iGP, the user can define different regions, set different materials, apply different boundary and initial conditions, mesh complex geometries (using structured, semi-structured or fully unstructured grids), run PFLOTRAN and post-process the results.


  • Work with all the 3D element types available on GiD (e.g. tetrahedrons, triangular and rectangular prisms, etc.)
  • Fully compatible with structured, semi-structured and unstructured meshes.
  • Apply boundary conditions directly into the geometry.
  • Create and customize materials with different properties and apply them to geometrical entities.
  • Automatically generate PFLOTRAN input files and run them on the user’s machine.
  • Post-process the results with contour plots, scatter plots, animations, etc.


GiD is a powerful universal, adaptive and user-friendly pre and postprocessor for numerical simulations in science and engineering and is developed by the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE), a research and development organization based in Barcelona (Spain).


For more information check the GiD web page .


PFLOTRAN is a next-generation, open source , reactive flow and transport simulator for modelling subsurface processes that has been developed with high performance computing and efficiency in mind. To this end it has been built on top of well-known frameworks like MPI, PETSc and HDF. It implements the finite volume method and has been written, in a modular way, in Fortran 90. It has demonstrated peta-scale performance in simulations of uranium migration in the superfund Hanford 300 Area as part of the SciDAC-2 programme. All the code is release under the GNU Lesser General Public License license.


For more information visit the PFLOTRAN web page.


If you would like to reference iDP in your publications, please use the following reference:

Amphos 21 (2016). iGP: interface between GiD and PFLOTRAN.**



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