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The interface Comsol PhreeqC, or iCP, couples two standalone simulation softwares.

Comsol Multiphysics® is powerful general-purpose simulation software for modelling coupled physics systems. It has a very intuitive graphical user interface with flexible configuration options for the whole modelling workflow, from geometry generation to result visualization.

PhreeqC is perhaps the most widely used geochemical code in the scientific community and is distributed free of charge. The program is based on equilibrium chemistry of aqueous solutions interacting with minerals, gases, solid solutions, exchangers, and sorption surfaces, but it also includes the capability to model kinetic reactions with user-defined rate equations. The use of extensible chemical databases allows application of the reaction, transport, and inverse-modelling capabilities to almost any chemical reaction that is recognized to influence rain-, soil-, ground and surface water quality.

iCP maximizes the synergies between Comsol and PhreeqC, providing a numerical platform that can efficiently simulate a wide number of multiphysics problems coupled with geochemistry. It is written in Java and uses the IPhreeqc C++ dynamic library and the Comsol Java API. It also takes advantage of the multicore computer architecture by balancing the computational load over different threads.


iCP is a powerful tool for those consultants or researchers who need to tackle coupled geochemical problems. The flexibility and wide applicability of iCP make it suitable for a large number of modelling challenges, which cover most of the needs of both industry and academia. iCP inherits all the modelling capabilities of Comsol and couples them with geochemical systems provided by PhreeqC and the extensive geochemical databases developed for this code.

iCP also considers couplings between chemical and physical processes, such as chemically-induced porosity changes and their impact on fluid flow and solute transport, or the effect of liquid saturation and temperature on geochemistry.


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Amphos 21 Consulting offers iCP training courses in two different formats both in Barcelona and at your site:

  • iCP Basics: This training course is held for three days, with about six hours per day reserved for PHREEQC, COMSOL and iCP fundamentals along with hands-on instructions and two hours planned for one-on-one support and review.
  • iCP Customized: If you are already an advanced user of any of the COMSOL or PHREEQC softwares and prefer to focus more on iCP and its applications, we can customize the course under our iCP Customized format. In iCP Customized, course materials can be adapted to your specific requirements and problems of interest. Our experienced consultants can assist you in developing COMSOL, PHREEQC or iCP models of your real-world problems.

Please contact us through our contact page to submit your request for iCP training courses. The detailed layouts of the courses are as below:

iCP Basics:

Morning COMSOL Basics iCP Basics iCP: Training Examples
Afternoon COMSOL Basics iCP: First Steps iCP: Training Examples

iCP Customized:

Morning iCP Basics Client’s Models Client’s Models
Afternoon iCP: Training Examples Client’s Models Client’s Models

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How to cite iCP:

Nardi, A., Idiart, A., Trinchero, P., de Vries, L. M., and J. Molinero. Interface COMSOL-PHREEQC (iCP), an efficient numerical framework for the solution of coupled multiphysics and geochemistry. Computers & Geosciences 69 (2014): 10-21.


iCP is a project of the iMaGe initiative and is supported by a partnership formed by:


If you have questions check the iCP Faqs page.